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Learn & Earn Profits - Modules Breakdown

  • Intro to Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of building effective marketing techniques for a digital business. Perfect for beginners with little to no experience.

  • Building your own Branded Sales Process

This course teaches you how to convert targeted customers into sales by creating a compelling self-brand and a professional sales funnell.

  • Email Marketing

In this module, you will learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns that will inspire potential customers. You will learn how to customize and implement your fully automated email marketing system.

  • Branding Expansion

Develop and execute a STRONG branding strategy. You will build a brand reputation that is easily communicated over all marketing and sales channels.

  • Business Tools

Develope and learn essential tools to assist in running a truly automated and effective online business.

  • Content Strategies

You will learn how to create compelling content over the most essential social media outlets in order to target and convert your audience.

  • SEO + Blogging

You will learn how to harness the power of AI in creating Blog content used in optimizing SEO and online visibility; consistently driving traffic to your page!

  • Marketing Platforms

Learn how to build a following on todays most powerful social media platforms. You will focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok in order to virally spread your brand amongst potential customers.

  • Free Thriving Community

Free lifetime access to a growing community where students can connect with eachother and teachers! Celebrate wins, collaborate on strategies, and stay up to date with training. You will never feel lost with access to a strong support system like this .

  • Additional and Ongoing Training

Enjoy continued education with added modules covering topics such as Instagram and even Affiliate Marketing.

What exactly is this product?

This product is an extensive digital marketing course and FINISHED FOR YOU digital product. Built with beginners in mind, the course includes 80 in-depth modules that guide you in creating your own digital marketing business. Not only will you learn to create an online brand, perform on SEO, market on all major Social Media Networks, you will also be guided step-by-step in creating free sales funnels, automated email campaigns, and all other aspects of creating a successful online marketing business. What makes this model so unique is that once you purchase the product you own it! That means you are able to sell it to others at 100% profit with no commissions or fees!

Can I really make 100% of the profit from every sale?

YES! With Master Resell Rights, after you recoup your investment with the first sale, EVERY OTHER SALE IS 100% PROFIT FOR YOU. Its an amazing model.

Can my customers join your community?

YES! They most definitely can. They will have access to a worldclass sales community and all the necessary suppot needed to get started. That helps free your time so you can focus on selling and making money!

Are there any hidden fees?

NO! There are absolutely no fees or upsells EVER.

Do I have to sell the digital product?

NO! The product is yours to sell if you choose. The course is invaluable in learning how to form a digital business and those skills can be used to create whatever your passions may choose.

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Really Happy Community Members!

This course really turned things around for me! Before I took it, I was completely LOST and confused. I was struggling on where to begin and didn't know how to set everything in place. But this course made everything"click". Its made a huge difference and helped me feel more confident. AND because of it , I've created my FIRST Digital product! WOOHOO!

Stephanie Adcock

Beginner Digital Marketer

This product sells itself. With a little consistency, there is no revenue ceiling! Its unbelievable and I am so happy I decided to do it!

Celeste Patterson


So excited to report that after purchasing the product 5 days ago, I have made my first sale! Who doesn't love a 5 day return on their investment? This is such a great product and wonderful value! So excited to see such a quick result!

Cathi S.

Beginner Digital Entreprener

Free time for what matters

A little about me

Hi and welcome to Learn to Earn Profits digital marketing course!

My name is Chelsea

and I am super excited you are here. I am a Mama to 4 girls and a Grandmama to my first granddaughter. We live in Maryland and I am married to a Contractor and feel super lucky, he’s a gem. I went to school to be a nurse and was an RN for 12 years in Obstetrics in a hospital. After that I opened my own 3D imaging facility for pregnant Mamas for 7 years. I LOVE babies and helping others. It was the perfect combo. But the more babies I had the more I longed to stay home with them.

I have been at home for the last several years and lost myself in motherhood. At the end of 2021 I knew I needed to make a change. I have struggled with anxiety and depression and knew nothing would change if I didn’t change. I started a health and wellness journey , lost 38 pounds to prove to myself I was capable, and most importantly worked on my mindset daily. Witness my journey of resilience and determination as I have gone from broken to thriving and building my own online business. I would love you to join me in embracing the power of transformation!

Knowing that I wanted to continue to enjoy being at home with my girls, I knew I needed to find a way to make money from home. I started network marketing at the beginning of 2022 and then affiliate marketing later that year. I still promote and share all the products I use and love. There were moments I struggled to find my place in the online world. But it truly has been eye opening and life changing to see the endless income opportunities that are available to make money online. Then I found the BEST THING EVER!! This course with MASTER RESELL RIGHTS is truly the answer. The concept is the answer for so many Mamas looking for an escape from a 9-5. This will help Soooo many people create their dream life that will give them financial and time freedom.

If you are looking for a way to make money online from home, and be taught as a complete beginner, then this course is for you!! I can not wait to see where it takes you and I will be here cheering you on!

Much love, Chelsea